Da kong Olav besøkte Ocean Viking i 1970

Tekst av Donald (Steve) Stevens.

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Mike Boxill and the plane with the King and his group after
landing. I was on the deck greeting the guests

This is the King and his group leaving the helicopter deck and
starting to walk on the main deck. The guy taking pictures with
my camera was Walter Wrenick, a driller on the barge


They had just turned the corner on the deck and were near the
mud area. I was walking with them and talking about the area
we was in.

We are still in the same area, just a little bit closer to the mud
room door. The King is talking to the driller Johnsen

I am standing when the King and his group were going down
into the Controll Room. They were informed about the ballast
controll system.

This is the King and his group coming out of the Controll Room.
I am standing and talking to him as he came out. He said he
had enjoyed the visit. After the tour the went to the Galley and
had Lunch.