Not only members of the NOPK claim to call
themselves ''oilpioneers''


The first picture of the ''pioneers'' was shoot in March 1971,
the next 25 years later.

''Some place in Norway in 1995,'' a very special reunion occurred. It was the so-called ''oilpioneers'' who meet from time to time in secret to remember the past when very few persons had the slightest idea of what the oil activity would matter to Norway, and even fewer had the power to decide how the entry condition for the operations should be.
Only one approved basis for membership exists. One have to have been employed by ''Statens Oljekontor'' (The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate), in the early days part of the ''Industridepartementet'' (Ministry of Industry).
In 1995 only two of the original 21 persons were still employed by the government, three were dead, and some were no longer employed. The rest had joined other companies in the oil industry.
What made the reunion in 1995 so special, was that all the still living members except one were present to be portrayed in the same manner as when they in 1970 were presented by the newspaper ''VG'' as the ''Norwegian National Team of Oil''. And they had a ''bit'' from the oil exploration in front of them, in the same manner as a National Team of Football exhibits a football.
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