Ocean Traveler under tow to South Africa 1969

A little worried wives when their husbands are going to South Africa?
from the left: Sofie Taksdal, Bodil Øverland, Inger Urke, and Sigrun Andersen

Rolf Øverland and Asgaut Ånestad, are they suffering from homesickness?

Asgaut Ånestad and Leif Taksdal in the galley.

A tired steward , Harbart Waage

Refreshments in the gally.

From the left: Lee Miller, Jarle Urke, and Harold Leshbrandt.

We didn't have this kind of bottles when drilling in the North Sea
From the left: Bob MacVay, Jarle Urke, Harold Leshbrandt, Ordin Lima
John Haldane, Petter Dahl Pedersen, and Leif Taksdal

The exlanation, homebrew!
From the left: Lee Miller, Rolf Øverland, and Elias Andersen

Still brewing (the cook disliked the reduction at the suggar store).
From the left: Rolf Øverland, Ordin Lima, Elias Andersen and Harbart Wagge

A closeup of the equipment, Ordin Lima as the operator.

The shipdog Smokey with Rolf Øverland and brew

The shipdog Smokey with Rolf Øverland and Harold Leshbrandt

The boss arriving from Las Palmas
From the left: Petter Dahl Pedersen, Mario Bollo, Rolf Øverland,
Ordin Lima and Jarle Urke.

Tow master for tow to South Africa in 1969, Tom Shephard from Hull, UK.

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