Ocean Traveler In the North Sea, 1966/69

The winter 1968/69 the sea reached 65feet

Still storm

When the sea hit the shafts, we had quite a spray

Under tow to Stavanger for repair after the storm

Anchoring, is it Kent Shore or West Shore helping us?

A mooring rope to help the achoring is brought ut by a rubber dingy.

Torolf Log and Elias Andersen taking a shit.
(not much privacy) 1968

And here Rolf Øverland with a newspaper in the shithouse 1966

Divers going down, 1966

Here Ocean Traveler is drifting off.

One more picture of the mighty drilling barge, 1966

Axel Larsen, 1966

True pioneers, 1966

Svein Paulsen installing a new "bridle" at the Schlumberger logging unit, 1966

Svein and Axel, 1966

Reilstad, Paulsen and Fosse from the
gally, 1966

Sverre Paulsen, 1966

Home flight, no survival suits in 1966

Ocean Traveler not so giant seen from the chopper, 1966

In the galley

And then into the messroom -66

Mike Kelly and Sigve Søyland in the office

Evidence for oil/gas as early as in 1967

A day in The North Sea, chopper arriving.

The helicopter safe onboard, 1966.

The helicopteret returning for Stavanger.

Inside view from the helicopter. 1967

Once the situation for Ocean Traveler was real dramatic. Here
a scared Sigve Søyland, ready to jump in the ocean if necessary.

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