When Ocean Traveler almost capsized

In 1966 Ocean Traveler almost capsized when the supply ship Smit Lloid made several big holes in the construction during unloading due to heavy swell and strong current in the sea.
This caused the platform to take in water. The platform gained a great heel. At the most the opposite pontoon was visible above the sea level.
The crew was 56 hands, and most of them were panic-stricken. 51 men left the rig to the sea. Some did climb down the anchor chains. But all 51 was picked up by the crew of Smit Lloid and were rescued.
After some time the rig was stabilised by filling up water in the pontoon at the opposite side of the damage. This was carried out by on of the 5 persons still onboard, the controlroom operator Sigve Søyland. But when stabilised, the draft had increased to 105 feet, - normal draft was 80 feet.
Fortunately for the rescue operation, the sea was not to rough. But the swell was quite heavy as can be seen from the picture of Smit Lloid below.
The situation was also terrifying for the families ashore. A news bulletin saying that the Ocean Traveler had capsized was brodcasted over both BBC and NRK.

Below e picture showing the hero Sigve Søyland after the incidence, - pale but self-possessed .
Of course Ocean Traveler had to be towed to Rosenberg shipyard for repair. Not the only time during the pioneer era.
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