Barbecue in the mud room with the wives inwited
while Ocean Traveler was at Rosenberg shipyard
at Stavanger for repair.

(foto: Lars H. Helgesen)

Here at Rosenberg shipyard in Stavanger for repair. The wives entering by
helicopter for barbecue in the mud room

The party is on, no.3 from the left, Robert(?)Robertsen, no.4 from the left,
Frank Redford, and Hedvig Flornes from Odeco Office to the
right. Names of the other persons?

Barbecuing in an oil drum. Well known faces here. Frank Redford to the
left, then T.M. Montgomery. Hedvig still to the right.

The cook Viggo Johnsen to the right, no.1 from the left is
Robert(?) Robertsen. no.2 is of course Clyde Miller.

The bottles (non-alcoholic)

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