The Ocean Traveler crew returning to
Europe from South Africa 1971

The tugs are preparing for the tow back to Europe, 1971.

Here Lee Miller, Rolf Øverland and .... is discussing the tow

Another vessel passing.

Rolf Øverland (left) and Jan Haugland discussing progress.

Time for a traditional picture.

One more traditional picture.
"Drilling Barge Ocean Traveler" from New Orleans

Time for some maintenance work.
From the left: Sigbjørn Lunde and Jan Haugland

What are they pointing at?
From the left: Knut Garpestad, Jan Kristoffersen, Rolf Øverland,
Harold Leshbrant, and Lee Miller

Time for fishing?
From the left: Knut Garpestad, Harold Leshbrant, and Rolf Øverland

Is the waiting time long?

Do they see land?
From the left: Rolf Øverland, and Torkel Gabrielsen

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